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GBI Shine is a cycling group part of GBI (Global Biking Initiative). It is based in the Middle East area specifically in Egypt, Jordan, UAE and Kuwait. The group’s aim is to train cyclists and non-cyclists to be able to ride a bicycle professionally. After our training sessions, participants are able to join our tours in the region and in Europe.




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We’re kicking off the season this year with a new trip fun-filled with many activities alongside our usual cycling!  This time we are not only cycling the highest point in Egypt (Al Sa’ada) but we are also adding hiking, snorkeling, diving, rock climbing, and yoga to the list.  We will start from Amman in Jordan to reach Dahab in Egypt! So be ready to push your limits, challenge yourself and get high on your own endorphins!

To cater for everyone’s needs, we have split this trip into a couple of options for you to choose from based on your goal, time, and budget.

  1. GBI Shine Full: you can join us for an amazing 8 days crossing continents from Amman to Dahab.
  2. GBI Shine Lite ( Jordan only): from Amman to Aqaba only for 2 days
  3. GBI Shine Lite (Egypt only) : from Taba to Dahab only for 4 days
  4. AlSada Race:  spend 2 days and compete for prizes in the first Sa’ada race!

You can even bring your friends and family to join you as a non-cycler! Just check the links below for all the needed information.

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The Call for Registration for GBI Shine Amman - Dahab event Nov 22nd - 29th 2015


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